CASp Surveys

We will provide you with a State Certified Access Specialist who will perform an inspection of your facility, both interior & exterior. We will identify all violations and include measurements of each non-compliant element along with code references, sketches, and photo documentation. We will then create a comprehensive report identifying the barriers with proposed solutions,Read More

and help you create a voluntary barrier removal & accessibility upgrade plan. Next we will talk about cost effective solutions to the problems, and help you create a schedule to correct the violations over time based on the businesses finances. Lastly, we will provide you with a State-numbered “Disability Access Inspection Certification”. This certification will be:

  • “Meets Applicable Standards” if the site was found to be 100% in compliance with Federal & State guidelines.
  • “Inspected by a CASp” if some access barriers were found during the inspection.

Either way, this notice will deter potential plaintiffs as it lets them know that the Owner understands accessibility laws and is taking steps toward achieving compliance.

Pre-Lease, Pre-Sale, and Real Estate Purchase CASp inspections

Per Senate Bill 1108 anyone selling or leasing a business or property must state whether the property has been inspected by a CASp or not. We will provide you with a report of all elements that need to be corrected prior to your lease, sale, or purchase. Don’t get blindsided with thousands of dollars of repairs for ADA compliance after the fact.

Site inspections during rough construction

Have ADA Compliance Masters provide inspections of your project as construction advances.  We can discover non-compliant issues while the project is in the rough stages avoiding costly rework and delays after it is complete. We offer affordable inspectionsRead More

at critical stages of your project.  Our clients can attest that we have saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars in corrective work before the finishes have been installed. Don’t wait until the end of the job only to find out that your project cannot be finaled because of non-compliant restrooms or ramps.

ADA Consulting

We provide solutions for business owners & tenants. We use our extensive construction background and advise you on the most cost effective ways to correct the problems. We will help you create a Transition Plan with scheduling, and pricing for barrier removal. State and Federal regulations mandate Read More

that corrections must be made when it is “Readily Achievable”. Readily achievable means “easily accomplishable and able to be carried out without much difficulty or expense”. Things like lowering coat hooks, installing accessible signage, and striping of accessible parking spaces are all considered readily achievable. The ADA states that all the non-compliant items don’t have to be corrected immediately and can be spread out over time as finances permit. We will help you with a schedule & transition plan that fits your budget and your needs.

Plan Review

Have ADA Compliance Masters review your plans before they go out to bid. Pre-construction review of documents often reveals mistakes in Design. These mistakes when found after construction are costly and can delay construction schedules.  This review greatly reduces construction errors and expensive rework.  We have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars with this simple service.

Expert Witness Testimony

We are experts in the field of Disabled Access Issues.  We provide letters of opinion on ADA code issues to local building departments and in Court proceedings.  Have us in your corner during Early evaluation conferences, and let us provide Defense strategy and CASp representation during litigation including Depositions, Arbitrations, and Trial Testimony.  We have a very successful track record.

Local Jurisdiction

Available on retainer to provide CASp services to local Jurisdictions. Competitive hourly rates are available for Plan Check, CASp consulting, and ADA Inspections prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

Educational Services

We offer classes on making your business more accessible and instruct you on the most common violations found in small businesses.  We are available for seminars and workshops on the Federal & State Accessibility standards and guidelines for groups or individual training by the hour.  We also offer tutoring to help pass the CASp and ICC Accessibility Inspector exams.  Call for pricing.